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SetQuest is a webapplication where partyorganisers, DJ’s and partypeople collaborate together so you hear your favourite songs on a night out with your friends.

This will result in an amazing atmosphere while people hear their favourite tracks!

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For partypeople

The people who attend a SetQuest connected party can vote for their favourite song a certain amount of time before the day of that party.

This way, your favourite DJ, doesn’t get bothered with song request during his sets.

The most requested songs will be used so partypeople hear the songs they want.

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For DJs

DJ’s who play a SetQuest connected event can see the most requested songs, selected by his crowd, whenever they want.

One day before the event, the party organiser sends a list with the most requested songs so they can implement the songs in their mix.

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For organisations

Organisations can get SetQuest connected so people request their favourite songs.

Connect your Facebook event with setquest and it automattically gives you all the data about your event.

People get the chance to vote their favourite songs and your event will be a success!

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"Your song request app"

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